Agriresort Le Porcine

Where we are

Via Cassia KM 108 VI, 01023 Bolsena, Via Cassia, Italia

Agriresort Le Porcine


Agriresort Le Porcine is comprised of a charming farmhouse with a panoramic swimming pool situated strategically at the top of a hill. The unparalleled view opens out onto Lake Bolsena and the beguiling islands of Martana and Bisentina, with nothing between but endless vegetation and forest.
The property ends with a small private beach, where an engaging sunset is the crowning moment of a perfect day.

A young, vibrant, and eclectic host, Enrico, will make your stay unforgettable. In the morning, you’ll wake up to a vast breakfast buffet in the dining room, where you can share itineraries, information, and unique travel experiences with other guests against the peaceful backdrop of nature.

Each room is unique at Le Porcine. Fall asleep in sophisticated ease and awaken to endless rolling hills. From sunrise to sunset, we hope to make your dreams come true.

Agriresort le Porcine project


Wellness and Relaxation are the watchwords for a new concept at Agriresort Le Porcine. Enrico made a dream come true when he took his family property, complete with farmhouse and Etruscan well, and turned it into a charming sojourn on Lake Bolsena.

Launched in 2009, the project began with the restoration of the farmhouse along with significant landscaping. Enrico laboured painstakingly for nearly four years, drawing his inspiration from local architectural traditions and furnishings while adding a contemporary flair for a final product that combines a deep sense of harmony and modernity.

As with the name ‘Le Porcine’, we’ve maintained the original nineteenth-century style of the farmhouse that features stone blocks reminiscent of the surrounding landscape.

Today we make all this available to our guests, and provide you with a marvellous experience that awakens the senses in a perfect blend of entertainment, relaxation, and pleasure.